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 2015-04-02  Catholic Register Faith is Common
 2015-03-19  VMO Loyola's Victory Lap
 2015-03-19  Catholic Register Picking the Wrong Battle Picking the Wrong Battle
 2015-03-11  Calgary Herald Remembering Lougheed's contribution to Canada
 2015-03-06  VMO Faith on the Block
 2015-03-06  Catholic Register Forgotten faithful
 2015-02-25  Calgary Herald No one is above the law, not even Supreme Court justices
 2015-02-19  Catholic Register Death wins out
 2015-02-11  Calgary Herald Court's assisted-suicide ruling raises prospect of 'kill at will"
 2015-02-05  Catholic Register A community withers
 2015-01-25  Calgary Herald Byfield's political battles improved Canada
 2015-01-14  Calgary Herald Cartoonists ignored the virtue of prudence
 2015-01-08  Catholic Register It's all in the evidence

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