Shutter Island summer

One of the great things about being a Montreal photographer in summer is the amazing variety of photographic opportunities the city throws at someone with a camera and a need/want/passion to click.

From long days packed with kaleidoscopic street events and festivals to the portrait possibilities in our stunningly diverse communities to the elegance and sometimes outlandishness of our urban environment, it can be almost a sensory overload of visual images.

During last weekend’s Carifiesta Parade, for example, it was all I could do not to just hold my finger down on the shutter button and blast off eight frame a second sequences until my CF card overflowed. Fortunately, I had enough discipline to avoid that awful trap. Thanks goodness for that small sign of discipline because discipline is what it takes to get through the harder part of being a Montreal photographer in summer. Every chance to shoot, and there are so many of them, means having set aside an equivalent number of hours in front of a computer…processing.

And who want to do that in the middle of a Montreal summer? Already, the blue file folders full of RAW images are  cluttering up my desk top. The reminders I set for myself to get to them by such-and-such a date are, well, woefully out of date.

Even my faithful iPad servant, Siri, has stopped nagging me about getting Siri-ous and getting my processing work done. Guilt-ridden, I actually managed to post about 15 images of the Montreal model Marie-Pier Sansregret on Flickr and on this site today. Hey, they were only taken at the beginning of June. I’m on a roll. Next week, I will tackle the backlog for sure. They say it may rain Tuesday. And for a Montreal photographer in summer, that can actually be a silver lining.

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